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CrazyFarm completed the main grid test, a new force in the meta-universe is rising!
2021-10-28 16:10:16 Reading

 On October 27, CrazyFarm officially announced that it has recently completed the construction of smart contracts and successfully passed the main network test, and will be officially launched globally at a later date after completing the remaining preparations.

CrazyFarm is a blockchain-based farming game, which creatively integrates the concepts of game, NFT and meta-universe through the simulation of farm management, and is sure to become an emerging force in the development of meta-universe.
Why exactly is CrazyFarm favored?
- It took over a year and the team carefully built it. Back in May 2020, Mr. Rieger Bertino reached an agreement with the core team of the former SimFarm to build CrazyFarm, a blockchain game, and subsequently received strong support from Deloitte Blockchain Lab and EXIN Foundation, which took more than a year to carefully build, incorporating several concepts such as NFT and meta-universe, and will give all players a brand new experience.

- The technology is guaranteed. In terms of technology, CrazyFarm has developed a cross-chain protocol that is compatible with all major public chains to achieve interoperability with major ecological development, and has recently completed the construction of a smart contract, so that all actions of the game will be carried out on the chain to ensure fairness and safety.
-Strong capital. In terms of capital, CrazyFarm announced in May this year that it has received strategic financing from the famous international investment institutions A16z, HashKey, Wintermute and UNKNOWN VC, with the amount of $100 million.
-Good future development prospect. CrazyFarm is one of the few blockchain farming games in the world that combines NFT, meta-universe and other hot concepts, and has a great future prospect.
In summary, we can see that CrazyFarm boldly incorporates more interesting ideas and concepts to try to break through on the basis of ensuring the playability of the game. I believe CrazyFarm team will definitely explore more new and innovative ways to play the meta-universe in the future, and bring us more imagination when NFT and the meta-universe usher in the explosion.

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