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CryptoKitties, the world's first blockchain game, is born!
2017-11-28 12:01:42 Reading

 This year the world's major technology companies have launched their own blockchain raising games. There are about several blockchain raising games on the market, but CryptoKitties is so different. It is the first virtual pet in human history that users can own forever. Since its launch this month, it has taken up more than 15% of Ether's network in just a few hours, contributing 30% of Ether's trading volume and directly causing congestion throughout the Ether network, which shows how hot the game is!
Crypto Cats is a group of delightful digital meows, each with a unique genome, which determines its appearance and characteristics. Players can collect and breed meows to create new ones and unlock rare attributes. Some of the most popular cats sell for upwards of $200,000. Judging by its sales growth rate, it can exceed more than $1 million per day.
It is designed by a studio called Axiom Zen in Vancouver and San Francisco. The successful combination of gaming applications and blockchain shows that the blockchain industry has entered a new phase. It will be a very important thing for the blockchain industry if it opens the door to common applications of blockchain and opens the way to mainstream people.
To play crypto cats is easy, as long as you buy Ether in the open market, download the MetaMask plugin for google chrome, and then create an account at to start playing. Users only need two different cats to breed and give birth to new cats. These cats can either continue to breed or be sold on the marketplace. cryptoKitties runs on MetaMask and transactions are all done through Ether.
CryptoKitties are sold using an auction mechanism. The owner of the cat can choose an initial price and an end price. As time passes, the price decreases. In addition to buying kittens, you can also get new ones by breeding them. For example, other people can use your virtual cat to breed with TA's cat and then pay you for it and you can receive Ether.
As of now, people have spent more than $5 million on it and it is growing, which shows how hot it is. There are even people on Twitch, a famous live game platform, who live-stream to share their experience of raising cats and what is the best way to breed good cats.
With the popularity of the game, many people have seen the potential of NFT tokens, so let's look forward to the future development of CryptoKitties together!

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