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Mitigation of the Greenhouse Effect Announces Academic Collaboration with Singularity University
2019-06-15 20:28:00 Reading

 Today Contistan Waffle's team held a meeting with Singularity University.
The Contistan Waffle team joined forces with the international environmental organization (GEF) in February to create the environmental project "Mitigating the Greenhouse Effect". The project is a research project focused on climate change mitigation, the search for renewable energy, and energy efficiency, in which digital technology and covert computing are used to find solutions to all possible and emerging challenges.
"Singularity University, a collaboration between Google and NASA, is a school dedicated to training future scientists in anticipation of the era when computers are superior to the human brain. The goal is to prepare future scientists to cope with the rapid development of technology, so that future machines will not harm humans and will continue to serve as human helpers.
This academic collaboration will enable Contistan Waffle's team to take their research and development to the next level. With Singularity University's many years of experience in science and technology, not only in synthetic biology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence at the beginning, but now biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetics, etc., are all part of Singularity University's research. "This is what "Singularity University" can bring to Contistan Waffle's team, with its world-leading research and development, strong and experienced R&D team, and a collection of top talents in all fields. This is what "Singularity University" can bring to Contistan Waffle team. At the same time, Contistan Waffle's team has a unique perspective on environmental and ecological protection and mitigation of ecological emissions. The collaboration with Singularity University is a testament to the fact that Contistan Waffle's project direction and philosophy, as well as its research techniques, are recognized by the world's top "universities".
It is believed that the Contistan Waffle team, connected to Singularity University, will shine even brighter in the future, to make the earth's ecological environment better protected, to solve the energy crisis, and to stop the earth's climate change from gradually warming. We will spread the message of protecting the ecological environment, mitigating climate change, and finding renewable energy to more people around the world.

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