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Warmly celebrate the successful establishment of the technical team of meta creation space protocol laboratory
2017-02-22 20:16:59 Reading

 The meta creation space protocol laboratory, announced today, is the CEO and founder of icpro labs and Vang   Co founded. Meta creation space connects open metauniverse, Web3 with blockchain, interoperable infrastructure and DAPP. It aims to build an open meta universe and a digital virtualization engine, combined with IOT scheme, virtual idol, mmosg and the next generation web 2.0 meta universe virtual identity protocol.
Icpro labs protocol laboratory established a visual game research laboratory, which is mainly engaged in the research of large-scale multiplayer online games, XR virtual reality, ar Augmented reality, holographic images and other technologies, and reached a strategic cooperation with the American game property alliance last year. Dark sloop is a member of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Stanford University and a member of the international society of artificial intelligence. He now studies deep learning, this advanced AI   Algorithm, the process of learning and operation is similar to the operation mechanism of human brain, which can be used to establish a safer and more intelligent meta universe system. At the same time, he is also the CEO and founder of Vang company, focusing on game intelligence.
Meta creation space vision: meta creation space protocol laboratory is a fully distributed and open source organization. Our mission is to promote breakthroughs in the field of computing and promote human development.
For this vision and mission, the protocol laboratory is a blockchain laboratory integrating research, development and deployment of XR technology, game technology, blockchain and other network protocols. They believe that the Internet has become the most important technology for mankind. The ultimate form of the Internet will be the combination of virtual and reality.

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